Important COVID Announcement

Due to a recent COVID exposure, we will be suspending our in-person worship service this Sunday and moving to an online-only service.

We have recently learned that one person who has been confirmed to have COVID attended worship on September 20th. They later began experiencing symptoms, were tested, and received the results yesterday.

Most importantly, they appear to be recovering without severe complications, but please pray for them as they continue to recover.

Further, the Session continues to gather details and timelines of the exposure so that we can do our best to respond wisely for the sake of our congregation.

This is all new (and difficult) territory and we appreciate your patience. Please also stay tuned to this site and/or our Facebook page for updates. The Deacons will also be contacting their phone lists to let people know about suspending our in-person worship service.

As always, if you have any questions please contact Pastor Shaun or any other member of the Session.

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