Attention Middle and High School students (or their parents…):

Sunday evening at 7pm we’ll be kicking off the Sunday Night Book Club. If you are trying to figure out what to believe about the yourself and world, this is one way to wrestle with some of those questions. We’ll goof around a little bit then talk about how we’ll use the book “This ChangesContinue reading “Attention Middle and High School students (or their parents…):”

Sunday School resumes on Sunday Morning at 9:15

Elementary Catechism Club teaches the basics of our Faith through a series of memorable questions and answers. This class includes songs, crafts, and games for children K-5th grade. Meets in the Children’s Area. Youth Middle and High School students will look at various topics raised by the ministry of Jesus in the Gospels. Meets inContinue reading “Sunday School resumes on Sunday Morning at 9:15”

Announcements (7/23)

Pool Party!: August 1 following worship we will head over to the pool for a bring-your-own lunch picnic. The pool will also be available from 1-3pm. Bring a lawn chair, lunch, and friends! LWEPC T-Shirts are still available. Check the table in the narthex.